Getting to Know Me

I have spent most of my time traveling around the West Coast taking photos of the beautiful landscape and found my happy place to be mother nature. I would hike everywhere and do road trips to finding those majestic views. After 4-5 years of doing landscape photography, I have been capturing special moments of family and friends getting married, and other special life events. Now that I am a mother to a 3 year old, photography has given me more purpose and igniting my creativity on creating magical moments. I have continually done wedding photoshoots, special events, and also landscape photography.

Some of my previous work includes:

  • Happy Valley Cart Station – Instagram for Nitro Rise Brewing company (opened a nitro coffee bar at the happy valley cart station) 46K~followers
  • Photo crowd award 1st place winner for landscape contest. 1st place out 99 photographers submission on best landscape. Voted the best for Lake Louise photo 2018
  • Submission photos to Smithsonian Magazine on capturing Calgary Canada landscape in 2018
  • Hospice Giving Foundation- Tree of Life at Portola Hotel & Spa Monterey, CA
  • Wedding and lifestyle photo shoots in the Pacific Northwest captured from 2018 and 2021

I look forward to working with you and creating memories that are timeless and everlasting. Whether its your special wedding day, a corporate event, or seasonal family photoshoots, I can create those moments for you!